Street Photography Gems

I have just come into contact with a love for capturing action on the street. A day on the street can give you a set of luscious images. Here is a set of Street Photography snaps in Black and White and a few in colour all taken by myself showing the differences in everyone. All shot on a canon 600d, Manual Exposure as always and using an M42 50mm prime lens (Manual Aperture ring film camera lens) you can pick them up cheap on ebay and get an adapter ring off Amazon. We stopped off in Bristol on the way back from Cornwall around 3 weeks ago and Stratford pictures are from 2 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy!

Locations: Bristol and Stratford Upon Avon

  1. An Urban Passing (Bristol)

IMG_4570 edited copyright

2. Lovers Through An Archway (Bristol)

IMG_4588 edited copyright

3. Lost In Love (Bristol)

IMG_4695 copyright

3. Here Comes The Rain (Bristol)

IMG_4536.jpg copyright

4. Life is indiscriminate (Bristol)

IMG_4640 edited copyright

5. Mapped (bristol)

IMG_4581 copyright

6. Rainbow Fall (Bristol)

IMG_4590 copy

7. A Peaceful Autumn (Bristol)

IMG_4543 copyright

8. A Lurking Surprise (Stratford Upon Avon)

IMG_4683 copyright

9. An Observers heaven (Bristol)

IMG_4556 copyright

M42 Lens Used



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