The Other Woman – Short Film (Just an Idea…)

The Other Woman – a 20 minute film based on the short story by Miles Gibson who has kindly given permission for me to adapt his previously unpublished work, deep within the archives to screen. His previous novels adapted to screen include, Kingdom Swann adapted into ‘Gentleman’s Relish (2001)’ –, starring Billy Connolly and Sarah Lancashire.

The Other Woman – a short film with all but one character is a female led cast providing an engaging and different aspect to independent cinema. With an elderly lady sat dormant in the day room of a residential care home, haunted by the actions of her younger 27 year old self roaming the day room, speaking the memories of her past. Alongside being visited by her two older sisters… All the internal voices of her troubled mind.

At the moment… Just an idea for an upcoming project!


Cameron Savage


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