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I can’t sum up enough how disappointed I am with IOS 10, Its boring, non inviting and is lacking the Apple Boom we are constantly reminded of in advertisements and the consumer. Instead we are seeing an improved messages application on the iPhone and iPad; exhibiting the ability to send celebratory messages with balloon animations. Come On Apple, what about think different? I feel this is just a moment for apple to One Up the Facebook team with their plans to bring similar things to the messenger application along with the disappearing snapchat style messages. Is this really just a matter of Billion Dollar Tech Companies in Rivalry?

But what I say is, what about the non socialised people Apple?

Well, how about a new and improved Home Kit application? Thanks Apple just what I wanted!

However, IOS 10 also brings to the table some brilliant features, Inside IOS 10 you will now be able to type in multiple languages at the same time without switching keyboard layouts with the ‘Multilingual Typing feature’ being debuted and the ability to use ‘Contextual Predictions’ is somewhat amazing and will speed up and improve our lives. Plus the improvement to the Apple Home Kit is good to see, but not exactly what I wanted to see in IOS 10.

But summing up, I feel not one bit excited for the new update to the IOS platform and feel for a a completely new version of IOS, giving the name 10 to it Apple hasn’t introduced enough wow. In my opinion the version of IOS is just a rehash of IOS 9 with a prettier face and slightly better productivity/multi tasking features. For a company that prides itself on innovation  this instalment of the OS is nothing to brag about. For a person who appreciates apple’s software and uses most of their products on a daily I feel let down as an Apple Fanboy. I do use an android Samsung Galaxy S4 as my daily driver also, and while its getting older and needs replacing soon I am looking forward to the future of Android at the moment and seeing that ‘The Grass looks Greener on the other Side of the Fence’ Moreover, I feel as though Samsung are now the new innovative company of the world, taking Apple out with the Garbage while holding up the new Samsung Galaxy S7 with pride.

Article by Cameron Savage