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Pokemon Go Gets Released In the UK, MY VIEW?


Whats all the boom about Pokemon Go, Adults walking down the street hunting down Pokemon Characters, Surpassing Porn Searches in Google while overtaking Twitter and Tinder with its daily users. Its been a boom in Gaming I haven’t seen or experienced as a Journalist since the short lived Flappy Bird Hit Sensation. Simply I don’t understand the excitement for Nintendo’s Pokemon Go like many others are and heres why.

Firstly, What type of gaming is physical?

As somebody who hates any type of exercise, this game is an instant turn off at the first hurdle. I can’t think of anything worse than passing up and down streets hunting for a few Pokemon Characters here and there. Look at the Nintendo Wii, That was Physical and where did that lead the console. Scattered around Carboot sales, in peoples attics or in the removal boxes they couldn’t be arsed to clear through. I saw a Boom at the initial release and people were talking about it for years. Is this going to be a replication of the WII, just again in 2016?

I can only see this being a dangerous game to play, looking at a screen while trying to walk. Isn’t that one of the basic lessons we are taught not to do at Nursery? Look both ways? This game will only end up with people falling over, getting injured and ending up in Hospital. Something our failing NHS and High demanded Ambulance Service can’t keep up with. Not my idea of fun! or great for an economy post BREXIT thats entering into a 2 year negotiation with the EU. Pound Sterling has already Dropped, we don’t need people paralysed because of a game now do we.

Moroever, The Game looks to me as a death trap, not only the increased risk for falling over when navigating the GPS looking for characters, The NSPCC warned the game developers to fix a vulnerability bug that could cause a Child Safety risk just before the game was unleashed out into the wild. Now we are already seeing the dangers of a socialised GPS game; with criminals exploiting the software to lure players to enter Sex Shops in Plymouth. Scary Stuff Eh?

Lets all hope the bug gets fixed. But thats not all, the game is nothing more than that old Bandai Catch A Beast Game Handheld toy from a few years ago. Add a few Pokemon Characters, Nintendo Branded and you have an international crowd going crazy. Have I missed something?

6a00d83451e92469e201053578734c970c-200wi.jpgCatch a Beast, Toy by Bandai

Yes the game is a courageous statement to make for the future of gaming, has amazing graphics but I don’t understand this?

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I can’t sum up enough how disappointed I am with IOS 10, Its boring, non inviting and is lacking the Apple Boom we are constantly reminded of in advertisements and the consumer. Instead we are seeing an improved messages application on the iPhone and iPad; exhibiting the ability to send celebratory messages with balloon animations. Come On Apple, what about think different? I feel this is just a moment for apple to One Up the Facebook team with their plans to bring similar things to the messenger application along with the disappearing snapchat style messages. Is this really just a matter of Billion Dollar Tech Companies in Rivalry?

But what I say is, what about the non socialised people Apple?

Well, how about a new and improved Home Kit application? Thanks Apple just what I wanted!

However, IOS 10 also brings to the table some brilliant features, Inside IOS 10 you will now be able to type in multiple languages at the same time without switching keyboard layouts with the ‘Multilingual Typing feature’ being debuted and the ability to use ‘Contextual Predictions’ is somewhat amazing and will speed up and improve our lives. Plus the improvement to the Apple Home Kit is good to see, but not exactly what I wanted to see in IOS 10.

But summing up, I feel not one bit excited for the new update to the IOS platform and feel for a a completely new version of IOS, giving the name 10 to it Apple hasn’t introduced enough wow. In my opinion the version of IOS is just a rehash of IOS 9 with a prettier face and slightly better productivity/multi tasking features. For a company that prides itself on innovation  this instalment of the OS is nothing to brag about. For a person who appreciates apple’s software and uses most of their products on a daily I feel let down as an Apple Fanboy. I do use an android Samsung Galaxy S4 as my daily driver also, and while its getting older and needs replacing soon I am looking forward to the future of Android at the moment and seeing that ‘The Grass looks Greener on the other Side of the Fence’ Moreover, I feel as though Samsung are now the new innovative company of the world, taking Apple out with the Garbage while holding up the new Samsung Galaxy S7 with pride.

09 August 2013

Oh no sorry I have not posted for the last 4 days.

Image From BBC

I have now watched the two parts of the Extreme OCD camp and I would like to congratulate all of them for all the effort they put in and what they went through for them 8 days. I do have symptoms of OCD and have suffered from depression one point in my life.

The camp had its ups and down’s and great to see everyone helping each other through their exposures.

Follow them on twitter

Andrew Bradley 


Imogen Pearce


Olivia Bamber 


Joshua Cannings 


Megan Morgan


Megan’s OCD Blog

If you mist the show you can catch up 4 days remaining 


Monday 05 August

Yesterday’s daily post was not uploaded because I was at the Soulware 2013 Open Day. The photos of the event are uploading and I will tweet when they have been uploaded.

The Open Day was full of people shooting air rifles and even Clay Pigeon Shooting. A more detailed report of the event will be uploaded soon.

Saturday 03 August

Todays daily post is Elizebeth’s Cafe and Snack Bar Review.

To Read It Visit

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Friday 02 August

A few days ago I purchased Terraria of steam for a great price and I am enjoying playing It. I find it very in depth and great fun to play. I have been playing it for a while now and got hooked in trying to get all the NPC’s to spawn in my house. Managed to get the Merchant, Nurse and  Demolitionist. Going to continue playing and hopefully fight some bosses.

Now going to eat a chocolate chip muffin. (Not in Terraria)

buy your copy of Terraria at Steam 

Tuesday 16th July

I have just come across online that you could buy the Hotel  series 2 soundtracks album. I got excited that you could buy it as I loved the music in the show.

Monday 15th July

I am looking forward to Wednesday to see who wins the Apprentice this year.  both final girls are great Luisa and leah.

Thursday 11th July

It was a shame Niel Clough did not get through to the finals of The Apprentice. He performed his best throughout the show and was a shame that his plan was not right.

Wednesday 10th July

Neil you go! All Neil Clough fans follow the fan page on twitter @NeilCloughFans

Interviews on tonight at nine.

Sunday 7th July

Yesterday I was in the car and a song came on the radio and I liked it. When I got back home I put on the song and found out about the band Bad Company. Now I really like all their songs.

Saturday 22nd June 1013

Today I am going to be live on Takeover Radio 103.2 fm from 12. Tune in at 

Today I will be visiting Magic Worlds event in the New Walk Museum.

The event will be showing replicas of film props and items from Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings.

If I can get permissions photos of the event will be uploaded to Rooes News.

Wednesday 19th June 2013

I must admit my love for Billie Holiday’s music today!

Image From Google Images

Billie holiday (Lady Day)  was a Jazz singer and songwriter in the 1950’s. I adore Jazz music and it sure gives me what life would have been like in the 1950’s, going to the coffee house and the palais to dance.

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Sorry about the lack of content on Rooes News lately. This is because my laptop had to be repaired last week. Rooes News is back up and running to be updated regally.

On Sunday 16th June I visited the Queens Road Festival in Leicester. Check out the event review on the right hand side.

Friday 12th April 2013

Yesterday I visited the Arts and Architecture event at the Richard Attenbourough Center. The event was an amazing turnout and a great speech by Sarah Kirby.

Wednesday April 3 2013

On April 1st (April Fools Day) Google released their new feature Google Nose Beta. The software that said used Photons and intro-sound waves and  intersecting them to make a  particular sent.

With Trusting Google,its science talk and its legit looking website and video . I stupidly believed them and was tricked or trolled. I was owned by Google. I do hope i was not the only one to be tricked. I don’t take this a trick, I believe it is universal scandal.

Read more about this subject!


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