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Subscribe-PNG-9Please Subscribe to our Cameron Savage In Focus TV on Youtube, I upload Randomly uploaded vlogs, focus on technology in the Saturday Morning Tech News show, reading news stories from different news websites, my own article and make a personal judgement in ‘opinion rant videos’. I talk about my love of photography and sometimes post edited films using Final Cut Pro X. Moroever, I unbox and Review gadgets that I am interested in and see as productivity improvements to the everyday life. HOW TO VIDEOS are something I am passionate about and will be focusing on; viewing How To use Windows and Mac OS for beginners and looking at Software on both platforms to improve your lives.

In the pipe line is a new Live broadcasted Talk show on Sunday evenings from 5-6pm, talking about technology, current affairs, ranting our views on business decisions made by tech companies and reviewing operating system changes. I will be working with two colleagues, Dylan Rana and Jack Anderson. Having previously worked alongside Dylan as my co host on the Takeover Radio 103.2fm ‘GAME MANIA’ show for the past 5 years I know he can be a good sport, a great laugh with a personality that can’t be forgotten. He has to remember though, I am the chairman of this show!
Now we are moving our separate ways in Takeover Radio and have decided to extend our working relationship with this Live ‘Twitch Broadcast’, STILL TO BE ARRANGED. This may end up as a live speaker podcast running at the same time.

Jack Anderson has been my best friend for years and knows lots about gaming and Windows, True Nerd, and Windows Fanboy. Reluctant to see Mac in his setup or use Apple Software. When Apple Topics rise in the news. Having Jack on the panel will be great!

I hope to see you join us for this show soon, as we plan it more news will be tricked out.

As you know, if you don’t subscribe you will not know these things!!! Well you can always still view the videos, but isn’t it best to be conveniently reminded in your Youtube Notifications.