is your pc extemly slow! If so you are in the right place!

please follow carefully!

what you will need

a windows operating system

and yourself

everyone must understand that your computer will slow down over time. But if you have a new computer e.g windows 7 and you can see that your system is slowing down, now is the time to react before it is to late.

step 1 MSCONFIG (speeding up windows at startup)

some programs that we download to are computers will start up when windows starts, making windows take longer to load. So we are going to disable the programs we do not need loading at startup.

1.press the start orb and type msconfig into the searchbox or run

2. click the startup tab

3. unckeck any unwanted programs to startup e.g itunes. To point out itunes will take longer to load if we uncheck this. Some programs windows needs to run properly e.g any anti-virus/ anti-spyware, adobe flash player and apple push. Do please google any startup program before unchecking. If you come across any strange names reasearch the program because this could be junkware or adware like toolbars that could be slowing down your system.

                                        Your pc should now be faster at startup

now i will be showing you 2 programs of freeware that will help your computers speed and performance.

1) ccleaner www.piriform.com/ccleaner

2) fix bee disk optimiser (defrag program) http://www.fixbee.com/

1)when you have been surfing the web your computer will consume cookies and mabe even tracking cookies. Cookies slow down your system alongslide other adware like toolbars. Ccleaner will delete any cookies, empty the recycle bin and lots more. You can even run a software regisrty clean up.

2) I would recemmend to run a a defrag program like fix bee disk optimizer to organize your saved files and put them all to gether to speed up the opening time of documents. I recommend to restart your pc after fix bee or cclearner registry fix.

                                                     your pc should now bee faster with less junk

now click on the start orb and type %temp% in the search box or run to open the temp folder. Lots of junk gets stored here like unwanted logs and images. These are copies of the images you have opend. So go ahead and delete. If it comes up and says something is in use click cancel.

                                                     now your temp folder is clear

this may sound silly but its true! Your hard drive may be nearly full so delete any unwanted data from your computer. Do remember to empty the recycle bin. if you don’t want to delete. transfer the data to a external hard drive. External flash memory is reasonably priced so don’t worry if your gonna break the bank.

                                          unwanted data is gone or on an external flash

Still Need Help! watch the video version of the tutorial!

you should now be fresh and running smoothly


                             Showing You How To use your PC if you don’t know how to!

if you are still experiencing issues with computer speed and performance you could be infected with a virus,trojan or a worm. Run a scan with your antivirus to see. But some can sneak past your protection so before you get angry at the performance of your pc, right click on the taskbar and click on the procceses tab. if there is any name you don’t understand do google it and reasearch it could be a virus. But don’t fret if it is a virus just take it into knowhow at pc world and currys http://knowhow.com/uk/support/virus__spyware_removal.aspx  for them to remove the threat for you or any other local computer business.


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